Animation: A Glance at Different Key Areas Available in the Industry

Animation is the secret behind the ecstatic beauty of kingdom of Bahubali and fondness of cartoon characters like Chota Bheem, Chacha Chaudhari & Sabu, Amul girl, Tenali Raman etc. With animated characters capturing the film and TV industry, the field is fast attracting people in India, especially youngsters.

Animators have the ability to cast a spell on the audience with their imagination. They bring to life the characters and design they make. It, therefore, becomes vital for them to not only know but also meticulously comprehend the fundamentals of image, shades, drawing, sketching, modeling, lighting, rigging, grading, editing, visual impact, character building, size, rendering, movie making, framing, etc.


It requires a precise knowledge of tools and software used for application along with a level of creativity in individuals. Students who are interested in making career in this industry can take up animation courses after 12th or after graduation. Many institutes offer certificate, diploma and degree courses designed to elaborate upon the principles and techniques relevant to the industry.

It is a vast field which includes different areas. To move forward in the industry, it is important to discover and understand all available prospects and the specific requirements to be a master in those fields. One can choose any area of specialization depending upon their capability, skills and interest. As per their preference, a person can work as 2D or 3D Animator, Mechanical Animator or can look for opportunities in the field of Clay-mation, Character Modeling, Visual Effects, Gaming, Lighting, Texturing, Digital Mixing, Fine Arts, Audio/ Video Editing etc.



AAFT School of Animation offers some of the best animation courses in India through its intensive course structure and the use of latest applications and software for imparting practical knowledge to the students. The institute covers diploma and degree courses in Multimedia, Animation, Graphics, VFX and Film Making. It focuses on building ability in students to critically analyze the inputs and apply accurately their knowledge for developing enticing animated characters/ movies. With proper professional guidance, students can get well-acquainted with the technical know-how and get proficiency to opt for different job roles in the industry.


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