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Animation Courses: Providing Technical Insights to Flourish Your Career

The fascinating world of human-like characters, backgrounds with special effects,cartoons, etc. have the power to captivate audience interest. With their expertise and vision, animators can create a world of illusion and interest. They impart life to the ideas and the structures they make. Although this sounds interesting, but to establish successful career in this domain, one must possess necessary technical knowledge along with the eye for detail and creative vision.


Aspiring students can pursue bachelor and master degree or diploma programs to gain comprehensive knowledge of different aspects related to this domain. By pursuing education programs from Animation institutes, aspirants gain insights of the industry environment, trends and requirements. They learn about different art and techniques used in the process of creating artificial elements. Different tools and techniques that impact the process such as color grading, texturing, layering, rendering, etc. are introduced to students through these programs.

On completion of these programs, students have the choice to either look for employment opportunities or opt for specialized studies. For both the options, it is pertinent for aspirants to have profound knowledge of fundamentals and principles. AAFT School of Animation is a top ranked institute that offers Multimedia and 3D Animation course in Delhi NCR. Through its high-end labs and studios for 2D/ 3D Animation, VFX, Sketching, Editing, Post-Production, etc.; it facilitates students with a conducive environment necessary for practical apprehension. This allows them to apply their learning and polish skills relevant to befit the industry.

With ideas and requisite skills for visual representation, one can take primitive step to scale up the ladder of their career in the innovative and creative world of animation.


Making Career in Animation after Completing 12th

For students who have taken 12th examinations, the next significant step is to decide a domain for further studies to be able to embark career in the respective field. Since a lot depends upon what the person chooses to study after completing senior secondary examinations, it becomes essential for students to carefully analyze their interest and skills. Students with knack for computers and an eye for creativity can take up Multimedia or 3D Animation degree courses after 12th which facilitates them a platform to blend innovation and technical competence.


Professional education and training allows students to gauge varied employment opportunities available in this domain. Students gain insights of various disciplines of this industry such as visual effects, animation, graphic designing, image and sound editing, character designing, sculpting, etc. They learn to work on specialized computer software and hardware and also gain understanding of applying various tools and techniques relevant to the industry.

Many factors may affect the choice of a person while choosing an education program such as its duration, scope, industry relevance, curriculum offered by the institute, faculty and training facilities being provided, etc. Education in this domain is facilitated through specialized certificate programs, diploma and degree courses. Students can also opt for learning programs at postgraduate level. It is essential to choose a right course so that one can develop skills as required in the industry.

AAFT School of Animation is a premier institute that facilitates extensive programs in this domain including 1 year Animation course. Located in Delhi NCR, this institute facilitates in-house training to students providing them a dynamic learning environment to enhance their skill sets. Through its industry-specific curriculum, students can gain comprehensive knowledge of fundamentals, theories and principles of storyboarding, character designing, editing, rendering, texturing, lighting, motion graphics, compositing, modeling, art design, post-production and other relevant techniques pertinent to the field of Multimedia and Animation.

Gain Technical Competence through B.Sc. in Animation

The field of Multimedia & Animation is a domain that requires creativity, innovation and sound technical competency in the work. With this industry predicted to grow manifolds in the coming years, courses in this domain possess the ability to create a platform for aspirants to make a professional move in this field.

Those who intend to take this field forward as a career option can opt for professional training in this stream by pursuing Under Graduate or Post Graduate courses. If you have just completed your 12th, you can opt for Diploma or Degree course like B.Sc. Animation in Delhi. Delhi can be considered as the hub for training institutes and a land that encompasses use of advanced technology. This city is home to some top-notch institutes that impart high-end training in this craft.

These courses allow students to gain fundamental knowledge of different aspects relevant to this field. This includes knowledge of various techniques, software, processes and tools used in this domain. Students gain primitive knowledge of 2D & 3D Animation. This includes knowledge on subjects such as life drawing, lighting, character building, computer generated models, web designing, compositing, rendering, game development and programming, VFX, stop motion & more.

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AAFT School of Animation is a premier institute that offers quality 3D Animation course in Delhi. Through its job-oriented courses and training exercises, it facilitates a learning environment to students through which they can nurture the essential expertise required to establish a successful career in this industry. Students here not only learn in classrooms but also through practical sessions. They get an opportunity to learn by applying their knowledge through various live projects, workshops and more.This also allows them to build a strong portfolio which acts like a window of their talent and creativity.

By creating an effective portfolio, students can take one step closer to the employment opportunities in this domain. A profound portfolio allows students to exhibit their vision, technical skills and creativity through varied collection of their artwork. Thus, by undergoing professional education in this domain, students get a chance to inculcate industry-relevant skills and expertise required to become a professional animator.

Significance of Joining an Animation Course after 12th

The field of Animation in India has attained immense acceptance and appreciation in the recent years due to its growing capacities and the immense potential to captivate people. It provides an innovative platform to educate, inform and entertain the masses. While on screen it provides a jaw dropping experience, but off-screen it requires hours of dedication to cast that magic. It not only requires a creative mind and visualization to bring the characters to life or make things more presentable and appealing, but knowledge of technical aspects is also essential to become a successful animator or graphic designer.

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Students who wish to build career in this field can take up courses right after completing their 12th. As per their preference and field of interest, they can choose from a wide range of disciplines available in this domain. Multimedia Degree Courses in Delhi can act as the first step to enter this industry. These courses instill in students the much needed technical competence and expertise to scale up the career.

Aspiring students can pursue courses in this domain after completing an education of 12th class. They can opt for doing short-term certificate and diploma courses or can undergo full-time degree courses. As per their interest, they can choose a course in Graphic Designing, 3D Animation, VFX, Web Designing, Multimedia and more.


If you have a flair of creativity and are interested in computers, choosing this domain as your subject in graduation or opting for a diploma course right after clearing senior secondary examinations can be beneficial for you. Studying this stream in depth helps students to get acquainted with all the significant aspects and build an understanding of the Multimedia industry. Degree courses offer students a learning experience that makes them capable to start their career as professionals in this sector.

AAFT School of Animation is among the top animation institutes in Delhi that provide students a creative platform to attain expertise through intensive training sessions held at the academy. It facilitates high-end facilities to keep its students in front of the race. Students can build a strong portfolio through its various in-house projects and other initiatives.

Animation Courses – Marking the First Step to Become Industry Professionals

If you are interested in computer graphics, possess oodles of creativity and have out of the box visualization; the field of Animation has a lot to offer you. This domain is witnessing a tremendous rise in our country, especially with success of movies like Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age and The Chronicles of Narnia at the Indian box office; not to forget the much appreciated Bahubali. With smart phones supporting high-end games, the gaming industry is also on a high. All these factors are contributing to the expansion of scope and potential opportunities in this sector.


To chalk out a career in this domain, students need to gain knowledge of relevant technical aspects and incorporate requisite industry- specific skills. For this, they shall undertake Animation and Multimedia courses. These courses introduce students to the basics of the industry. They help them to explore their creativity, develop designing techniques and enhance the flair of using colors and different characteristics. This domain basically involves creating visual illusion through a chain of still images or drawings integrated together by way of simulation with the help of professional software to make them appear moving.

These courses extend the knowledge of key procedures involved in making animated series such as drawing, modeling, anatomy, layering, tweening, rendering, lighting, etc. Through these, students also acquire specific soft skills like understanding of expressions, movements, styles, attributes and transits. AAFT School of Animation is a premier institute that offers variety of courses in this domain. Through its hands- on training, industry specific curriculum and lectures by skilled professionals, it enables students to be able to perform in the real market environment. It facilitate the students with the opportunity of participating in workshops, master classes, specialized events and live projects to intensify their creativity and technical capacity.

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From short term courses to Diploma, B.Sc in Multimedia and animation to M.Sc, it offers a comprehensive range through which students can grasp the boundless scope of this sector and take their first step to work as professionals in the industry. These courses help them to gain the requisite expertise and skills to not only enter but also become successful in the world of Animation.

Professional study of this domain make students capable to work as 2D and 3D animators, modelers, image editors, character animators, artists of texture, layout, lighting, story boarding, rendering, rigging, etc. in the gaming, media and entertainment, advertising, business, engineering, education, publishing firms and likewise.

Animation: A Glance at Different Key Areas Available in the Industry

Animation is the secret behind the ecstatic beauty of kingdom of Bahubali and fondness of cartoon characters like Chota Bheem, Chacha Chaudhari & Sabu, Amul girl, Tenali Raman etc. With animated characters capturing the film and TV industry, the field is fast attracting people in India, especially youngsters.

Animators have the ability to cast a spell on the audience with their imagination. They bring to life the characters and design they make. It, therefore, becomes vital for them to not only know but also meticulously comprehend the fundamentals of image, shades, drawing, sketching, modeling, lighting, rigging, grading, editing, visual impact, character building, size, rendering, movie making, framing, etc.


It requires a precise knowledge of tools and software used for application along with a level of creativity in individuals. Students who are interested in making career in this industry can take up animation courses after 12th or after graduation. Many institutes offer certificate, diploma and degree courses designed to elaborate upon the principles and techniques relevant to the industry.

It is a vast field which includes different areas. To move forward in the industry, it is important to discover and understand all available prospects and the specific requirements to be a master in those fields. One can choose any area of specialization depending upon their capability, skills and interest. As per their preference, a person can work as 2D or 3D Animator, Mechanical Animator or can look for opportunities in the field of Clay-mation, Character Modeling, Visual Effects, Gaming, Lighting, Texturing, Digital Mixing, Fine Arts, Audio/ Video Editing etc.



AAFT School of Animation offers some of the best animation courses in India through its intensive course structure and the use of latest applications and software for imparting practical knowledge to the students. The institute covers diploma and degree courses in Multimedia, Animation, Graphics, VFX and Film Making. It focuses on building ability in students to critically analyze the inputs and apply accurately their knowledge for developing enticing animated characters/ movies. With proper professional guidance, students can get well-acquainted with the technical know-how and get proficiency to opt for different job roles in the industry.

Why Delhi NCR is Considered the Best Region to Study Animation

Delhi NCR is an educational hub that houses innumerable colleges and institutes of high repute. For the aspiring young talents, it serves as a great medium to promote education in creative and media arts. Few years back animation and multimedia were considered to be just vocational courses, with not much of opportunities to build a mainstream career. Only select institutes offered such courses for which certificates were granted.

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Coming back to present day scenario, where Hollywood animated movies, TV cartoons and even Bollywood movies with visual effects are a rage, 3D animation has gained lot of awareness and acceptance. AAFT School of Animation is rightly considered among the top 10 animation colleges in India that facilitates all-round development of the students so that they can perform and excel in their craft when they enter the animation industry.

Animation institutes, now-a-days, offer University recognized degree courses in 3D animation, visual effects and multimedia. The professional outlook given to education in this creative field has provided students a plethora of career opportunities. The curriculum keeps changing with new advancements in the field of software applications and technology. From animation filmmaking to video game design and programming, the colleges provide exceptional training in theory and practice to students.


Looking at the multimedia-related job scope in Delhi NCR, there are plenty of animation studios, advertising companies, digital and multimedia services providers, and film production houses that require skilled and talented professionals. With increasing market requirements, these organizations often recruit fresh graduates who can contribute innovativeness and unique ideas to their projects.

In addition to that, education sector is always flourishing. With Delhi having the best of animation colleges, the demand for animation tutors is always high. You may look forward to set up your own establishment or be associated with an institution as an instructor to educate and train the learners with requisite knowledge of basics as well as the trending developments of the industry.