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Animation: A Glance at Different Key Areas Available in the Industry

Animation is the secret behind the ecstatic beauty of kingdom of Bahubali and fondness of cartoon characters like Chota Bheem, Chacha Chaudhari & Sabu, Amul girl, Tenali Raman etc. With animated characters capturing the film and TV industry, the field is fast attracting people in India, especially youngsters.

Animators have the ability to cast a spell on the audience with their imagination. They bring to life the characters and design they make. It, therefore, becomes vital for them to not only know but also meticulously comprehend the fundamentals of image, shades, drawing, sketching, modeling, lighting, rigging, grading, editing, visual impact, character building, size, rendering, movie making, framing, etc.


It requires a precise knowledge of tools and software used for application along with a level of creativity in individuals. Students who are interested in making career in this industry can take up animation courses after 12th or after graduation. Many institutes offer certificate, diploma and degree courses designed to elaborate upon the principles and techniques relevant to the industry.

It is a vast field which includes different areas. To move forward in the industry, it is important to discover and understand all available prospects and the specific requirements to be a master in those fields. One can choose any area of specialization depending upon their capability, skills and interest. As per their preference, a person can work as 2D or 3D Animator, Mechanical Animator or can look for opportunities in the field of Clay-mation, Character Modeling, Visual Effects, Gaming, Lighting, Texturing, Digital Mixing, Fine Arts, Audio/ Video Editing etc.



AAFT School of Animation offers some of the best animation courses in India through its intensive course structure and the use of latest applications and software for imparting practical knowledge to the students. The institute covers diploma and degree courses in Multimedia, Animation, Graphics, VFX and Film Making. It focuses on building ability in students to critically analyze the inputs and apply accurately their knowledge for developing enticing animated characters/ movies. With proper professional guidance, students can get well-acquainted with the technical know-how and get proficiency to opt for different job roles in the industry.


Why Delhi NCR is Considered the Best Region to Study Animation

Delhi NCR is an educational hub that houses innumerable colleges and institutes of high repute. For the aspiring young talents, it serves as a great medium to promote education in creative and media arts. Few years back animation and multimedia were considered to be just vocational courses, with not much of opportunities to build a mainstream career. Only select institutes offered such courses for which certificates were granted.

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Coming back to present day scenario, where Hollywood animated movies, TV cartoons and even Bollywood movies with visual effects are a rage, 3D animation has gained lot of awareness and acceptance. AAFT School of Animation is rightly considered among the top 10 animation colleges in India that facilitates all-round development of the students so that they can perform and excel in their craft when they enter the animation industry.

Animation institutes, now-a-days, offer University recognized degree courses in 3D animation, visual effects and multimedia. The professional outlook given to education in this creative field has provided students a plethora of career opportunities. The curriculum keeps changing with new advancements in the field of software applications and technology. From animation filmmaking to video game design and programming, the colleges provide exceptional training in theory and practice to students.


Looking at the multimedia-related job scope in Delhi NCR, there are plenty of animation studios, advertising companies, digital and multimedia services providers, and film production houses that require skilled and talented professionals. With increasing market requirements, these organizations often recruit fresh graduates who can contribute innovativeness and unique ideas to their projects.

In addition to that, education sector is always flourishing. With Delhi having the best of animation colleges, the demand for animation tutors is always high. You may look forward to set up your own establishment or be associated with an institution as an instructor to educate and train the learners with requisite knowledge of basics as well as the trending developments of the industry.

Study 3D Animation & VFX at Top Animation College

animation3Since the world is digital, animation literacy may be acquired through the internet. But acquiring all the information (even through educational videos) through internet is not sufficient. A professional education and structured curriculum facilitated by animation colleges can save you a lot of money and time spent on researching the type of course that will help you become a good animator.

Animation institutes in Delhi not only boost your creativity but also drive you towards new ideas, enabling you to challenge different perceptions. The modern environment, with an access to technical infrastructure, industry experienced faculty, real-world simulation projects, etc contributes to good exposure of various styles of animation for students.


AAFT School of Animation is among the top 10 animation colleges in India that offers specialization courses in 3D animation and multimedia. These courses are available at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, though undergraduate programs are more common. These programs cover subjects in digital design, drawing, storyboarding, editing, and production.

Animation degree courses prepare you for employment in entertainment industry, advertising firms or related businesses to communicate promotional messages. Through the use of visual media, animation, digital graphics or special effects, animators influence the marketing initiatives for a brand to a great extent. They create storyboards, animated characters, 3D models and computer simulations to express stories.


With 3D animation and multimedia courses raising multitude of career opportunities for animation graduates in the industry, the future seems bright if you choose to pursue education in this field. You may look for job profiles of animators, graphic designers or art directors after getting trained in required technology and work for advertising, publishing, web design or the movie industry.

Career in UI and UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design and User Interface (UI) Design are crucial part of Website or App Design Development. These are interdependent as the interface design of an app or a website, which is designed keeping users’ requirement in sight, will result in better user experience.

User Interface design (UI) is the design of user interfaces for electronic devices and software, such as computers, mobile devices etc, with the focus on maximizing usability and the user experience. A UI designer needs good knowledge of Graphics designing, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and JQuery. The UI designer’s role is to design the look and feel of website/app and interaction in such a way that it meets the end user’s requirement in a satisfying manner. Some of the job profiles that a UI designer can join after doing UI Design Course include User Interface Designer and Web UI Designer.

Success Of Animation As A Career - AAFT Animation School

User Experience design (UX) is design that is created keeping user in mind. The goal of UX design is to help user to meet its need in easiest, satisfying and most efficient manner. UX designers understand customers’ need. They understand who the end user is and what is the purpose of his/her visit on the website or app. They interview users, do research, sometime work with end users to gathers data and implement all possible solution on app or website to render a satisfying experience for end user. The job profiles that a UX designer can join after doing UX Design Course include UX Designer, Interaction Designer, UX Architect, UX Engineer or UX Researcher.

For an app or website to be successful, the role of a UI and UX designer becomes very important. Some of the most successful App and websites look very simple but have excellent UI/UX, and the customers like to come again and again to fulfill their requirement. The growing need of UI/UX designers and handsome salary for deserving candidates has created big opportunity in market.

If you plan to pursue a career in UI and UX design, the best choice is AAFT School of Animation, which offers top multimedia courses in India. With a robust infrastructure equipped with latest software, experienced faculty, and regular workshops & seminars from industry experts, AAFT School of Animation is a great choice for students and professionals alike.

Career in Broadcast Media Design

Looking for a career in Broadcast Media Design?

As a designer in broadcast media, you are going to create graphics and animated designs for television and motion picture productions. Your job responsibilities will vary based on the type of skills you have. Apart from this, some of the common jobs are to make 2-D or 3-D animations. Due to the high level of skills demanded within this field, you must upgrade your skill-set with varied unique and creative aspects that will reflect in your work-at-hand as well as in your academic portfolio, to get noticed in the industry. Freelance projects and small startups may also be other options.

Broadcast designers use graphics, animated and multimedia contents to enhance the appearance of production designs. Learn about degree requirements, coursework, and how to go about finding a job in film and television. AAFT School of Animation offers UG and PG degree programs as well as diploma and certificate courses in Print Graphics, TV Graphics & Animation.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), animation & multimedia artists typically need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in animation and multimedia prior to obtaining a job in this field. If you are interested in a career in broadcast design, you should develop a variety of skills in computer animation and multimedia design.

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Because there are a number of programs and skills development areas for you to choose from, the academic curriculum of top animation schools should be based on the specialization you choose. However, several subjects are common to most animation degree courses and multimedia design degree courses. Focus is generally on 2 and 3 dimensional animations, drawing for digital media design, color theory, storyboard development, typography, motion graphics, sound design, video editing and compositing. Additionally, you could also choose to continue your education with a graduate degree program to receive more specialized training in your area of interest.

Career in 3D Animation & Visual Effects

AAFT School of Animation is one of the prominent colleges in Delhi NCR, dedicated to shape competitive professionals from raw talent having passion for animation and multimedia. This academy, with its proven academic excellence through the years, trains students in 3D Animation & Visual Effects with the tools necessary to flourish within global standards of the Animation industry. Along with that, students also gain solid foundation in creative processes that exist in media and entertainment industry of India.

Most of the professional fields like medical and engineering require hardcore training, and even after successful completion of the degree program, all the students are required to go through the training of 6-10 months. But creative courses in Animation and VFX not only enhance creativity of students but also prepare them for practical assignments and internships in the industry during the study program itself. The job scope in Indian Animation industry is on a steady increase. The specialized degree course in 3D Animation is high in demand due to bright career options. If there is an additional skill-set of Diploma in Multimedia and Visual Effects with it, the job opportunities will augment ten-fold.Animation As A Medium Of Education - AAFT Animation School


For students interested in building a career in digital graphics, web design, 2D animation, 3D animation, video editing & hi-end visual effects, AAFT offers the best of infrastructural facilities to support their dreams. The digitally advanced studios and labs are well-equipped with necessary software applications where the students will get to create animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other forms of media. Its high-end curriculum is designed and developed by the Industry Gurus that lays equal emphasis on developing critical thinking skills and artistic talent (creativity) in the aspiring animators and multimedia artists.

There is no comparison with other animation schools in Delhi NCR, India when it comes to the quality of education, ambience, industry exposure and infrastructure that AAFT School of Animation facilitates. Its own production studios, chroma studio, on-line television channel, and community radio station gives a 360 degree exposure to all the students. So, if you really eager to make your mark in creative field of animation, opt for the top institute of animation.